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Welcome to my personal page, related to the mountain hiking and the RC Off road cars.

Facebook Rc Hiking 4x4

This is about small but powerful 4x4, just over two spans.
In January 2006 I started to take the RC in my excursions in the Pyrenees. Slowly, it was getting ready to go footpath and reach some peaks .

At the beginning of 2016 he had published 240 outings with my Rc monster truck and slightly more than 4000 images, it had reached 2800 m altitude in Brecha de Roland pass and equipped the Emaxx with chains and spikes for ice that used in conjunction with my crampons in winter departures
Pirineos Radiocontrol

<-Photo taken in the first route, path to Anie peak(attempt). Also that started this site and which remains, after three years, one of my favorites


Pirineos Trucktrial


Crossing a small waterfall in the river valley of Aguaslimpias, going to Respumoso shelter during the winter of 2008. 

Emaxx en Guarrinza

E Electric. A monster truck, RC model, all-terrain 4X4 , scale 1 / 8. Silent, powerful, reliable and very hard.

Able to throw his 5 kg. to 50 km / h in a few seconds, not exactly a low cost toy that can be found by the dozen in large supermarkets.

During the first year of use we totally forget the word "low cost"

In the mountains, the transmission ratio is modified to less than 13 km/h in second gear, allowing the RC go in first gear to our speed walking 3-7 km/h

Emaxx anayet

Peaks and Ibon of Anayet in the western Pyrenees. In the background the Midi d'Ossau reaching 9461 feet . Very visible from anywhere

Peñas de Aia


Cadenas Hielo



Water, ice, dirt, mud, rock, grass, snow, reed bed, tiny trails.

Each surface has a difficulty and every lonely landscape attractiveness

volcanes Olot
Emaxx anboto



<- A place where we must not stumble . 01-01-2008 Anboto


Emaxx & Snow Limits ?. That is. (Arlas) Feb / 2009 ->



Emaxx Ice & Snow


I do not care at all out with radio-controlled car in adverse weather conditions. We will walk more slowly perhaps.


-12ºC In the Navarre Pyrenees, an area of Belagua.


+34ºC In the Bardenas, a semiarid zone.


Rising among the blizzard to Peñas de Aia ->.

near Landless Castil in The Bardenas -->.



Peñas de Aia

Castil sin tierre (Bardenas)
The car is powered by two electric Titan motors, by 14.4 V. To feed them you need two 7.2 V batteries in series. The total capacity of batteries in a long route may exceed 35,000 mah and weight 6 Kilos. Each battery allows up between 200 and 250 m . The current autonomy (7 packs going up and two back) is between +1200 and +1400 m drop both positive and negative. In the distance could reach from the prairie Ordesa National Park the Goriz shelter before needing "reload", more or less like most of us. 35,000 mah recharge their batterie packs ,need around 9 hours.
Beriain, bajada

Canal Roya parking

Above, link broken at left rear hub on Canal Roya. He returns dragging the rear wheel in this position but with traction

A week later, in the same valley, broke the steering servo due to ice accumulation

I have not been there. It has two of the three damage suffered in recent years

Bianditz , Trucktrial


Chinebral de Gamueta y Atxerito


<- Top of Cortaplana peak, Winter, (route highlighted)


Atxerito path . On right the Chinebral of Gamueta.


Going to Aizkorri, highest mountain in my province, I've been 3 times

Going to Ernio. One of the classic areas to practice a bit the car's handling.

Right ,on the calcareous plates of Zumaya Flysch

Going to the Breche de Roland (2808 m), below the Sarradets Refuge.

This mix of hobbies, boots and wheels, has one drawback: The need for attention while both the ground beneath our feet and the car that runs two or three meters ahead. In a narrow path, steep areas or ice is dangerous. I could not avoid slips, falls and serious injury.

Another classic of the Navarre Pyrenees: Emaxx to Petrechema

Angel Orús Refuge on Eriste, Central Pyrenees

"Paso del Oso" closeness

Collado "des Moines" on Astún Resort

<-On the left,heading up the hill with tires equipped with chains and spikes for ice versus a one of the worst blizzards and driving in extreme conditions that I have had with the Emaxx


Climbing a narrow but long creek ->

Towards Bisaurin, 2nd attempt without getting beyond the reeds. I will try again.

Walk through the valley of Aguas Tuertas, to the Gabedaille pass

Ezkaurre Peak, July 2009. very interesting and beautiful climb.

Most routes in the car made in the Pyrenees. In the image above Path to Pessons circus. Andorra

I saw a car! I saw a car!

Ice condensate even in the bodywork

First snow falls, we must not lose the opportunity

Winter walk on the ice and fog

Where NOT to go to the 3rd Peña de Aia

Atypical excursion to the "Toro of Alfajarin". Amazing landscapes

From the top of Txindoki peak toward Aralar Mountains


Another and raining, we are. Egural pass trail

First test mounting snow chains, in 2007.


Aralar mountains. Landscape from the top of Txindoki.


The TQ3 transmiter uses a channel to the steering wheel, one for the throttle / brake and the third to change gear. It has a range of 80 to 100 meters, but are not required over 20.


The suspension is independent arms, on which 8 oil dampers support its 5 kg weight. The suspension travel up to 75 mm in the higher position.


Mountain paths and trails of medium difficulty climbing can cause problems when returning. In one of the land castils of the Bardenas returning by the same route by which he had risen, I got into a mess that took me out for a while.

In the pictures, near the headwaters of a river and road to an ancient shrine, ski resort today


In these 190 outings , the Emaxx has suffered three falls on the side, lowering the Orhi Peak , Raising the ravine of Culivillas and down from the Pilate Balcony to the Urederra river. Only the Orhi, with over 100 meters into the air tumbling down the slope was severe and could not be repaired at the time, broke the union of the central chassis with the rear. For many trips, if a risk of not being able to stop I use a 8 m. extensible leash between the car and my backpack hip belt

In a strong side slope, there are very few seconds to try to stop a fall , three somersaults and if not stopped by itself, reaches the valley.


Excursions, each title has a link to the website in detail.

Enumeration of excursion to date with the Emaxx.

Some had a goal, although some years ago that my reward is to go and be, rather than reaching.

When I refer to trips with the car, I indicate that except few exceptions, 95+ of every 100 meters, the emaxx do it for themselves.






On a frozen creek in the Ordesa national park.

Picos de Europa. Trail to Horcados Rojos Tower.

Aisa - Riguelo,l Aspe

Ruta 150: Oza - climbing Ibon de Atxerito

Ruta 169 Llanos de Erraitz zona Belagua (Marzo -2013-)

Ruta Aguastuertas ; Port Escalé (Nov -2008)

Ruta Picos Europa . El cable hacia pared de Peña Olvidada.


Towards Soaso, reflects the peak of Monte Perdido and Añisclo

Top of Petrechema . Emaxx climbing.